Defence Technology Armoring offers an impressive lineup of armored vehicles that cater to various requirements. Their range includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Bulletproof Passenger Vehicles, Cash in Transit vehicles, and other Special Purpose Vehicles. These vehicles have been meticulously designed and equipped to meet the demands of military operations, convoy protection, border control, and VIP transportation.

Discreetly Armored Land Rover L460 4.4L TT V8 Petrol B6 AWD: Defence Technology Armoring's latest addition is the discreetly armored Land Rover L460. This powerful vehicle combines luxury and security, featuring advanced armor protection while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It provides enhanced safety for occupants in high-risk environments.

Discreetly Armored Great Wall Tank 3.0L V6 Petrol B6 4WD: The brand-new Great Wall Tank is another notable arrival. This discreetly armored vehicle combines ruggedness with advanced protection, making it suitable for various challenging terrains. With its powerful engine and exceptional off-road capabilities, it ensures both safety and performance.

Discreetly Armored Mercedes Maybach S680 6.0L Twin Turbo V12 Petrol B6: Defence Technology Armoring has also introduced the discreetly armored Mercedes Maybach S680, catering to discerning individuals who prioritize luxury and security. This vehicle offers the epitome of opulence, equipped with state-of-the-art armor technology to ensure the safety of its occupants.

Discreetly Armored Lexus LX600 3.5L TT V6 Petrol B6 4WD: The new Lexus LX600 is a standout addition to Defence Technology Armoring's fleet. This discreetly armored vehicle combines elegance with robustness, providing superior protection and a refined driving experience. It seamlessly merges luxury with cutting-edge security features.

Discreetly Armored Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 VIP Petrol B6: Defence Technology Armoring has introduced the Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 VIP, catering to the needs of high-profile individuals. This discreetly armored vehicle offers exceptional comfort, advanced security measures, and a host of luxurious features to ensure a first-class travel experience.

Discreetly Armored Cadillac Escalade Sport 6.8L 4WD B6: Defence Technology Armoring introduces the brand-new Cadillac Escalade Sport, discreetly armored to provide unparalleled security without compromising style and comfort. With its powerful engine, advanced safety features, and luxurious interiors, this vehicle offers a seamless blend of protection and sophistication.

Discreetly Armored Toyota Granvia 3.5 V6 B6: Defence Technology Armoring presents the New Business Premium Class discreetly armored Toyota Granvia. This vehicle combines elegant design, exceptional comfort, and advanced armor technology. It ensures a secure and luxurious travel experience for business executives and VIPs.

Discreetly Armored GMC Yukon Denali AT4 5.3L V8 Petrol 4WD B6: Defence Technology Armoring introduces the brand-new GMC Yukon Denali AT4, discreetly armored to provide elite protection and performance. This vehicle boasts a robust engine, advanced safety features, and off-road capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those who require both security and adventure.

Defence Technology Armoring continues to raise the bar in the armored vehicle industry, delivering top-notch solutions that prioritize safety, performance, and luxury. With their fresh arrivals in 2023, including the discreetly armored Land Rover L460, Great Wall Tank, Mercedes Maybach S680, Lexus LX600, and Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 VIP, Defence Technology Armoring proves its commitment to innovation and customization.

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