Collecting diecast cars is a great hobby. You can find them in your garage, on the shelf in your garage, or in the attic. If you're looking for diecast models, you've landed on the right website. 

Diecast Models Wholesale is a family-owned and operated online retailer. We specialize in collectable die cast model cars from all over the world. We sell diecast model cars to collectors and car enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. We also sell limited edition diecast cars. Our die-cast models are made from high quality materials and are offered in a variety of colors and finishes.

Selling die cast models online for more than 14 years, we are your one stop diecast model shop. Our inventory consists of die cast models from all over the world and we offer collectable limited edition diecast cars from top manufacturers. Browse our inventory of die cast models, add them to your collection, and start building your dream car collection today.

We understand the importance of receiving brand new original boxes and defects-free models and that is why we care about every ding, dent, and scratch. Each model has a fragile window box, covered with carton protection and wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from damages in transit. Each model is visually inspected in cases where the model can be seen through the clear window box. We have many returning, satisfied customers from all over the world. And now, we hope to have the chance to prove we are one of the best to you! We are always here for you.



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