Hair loss is a major issue for many people, especially for women. With the increasing popularity of hair extensions, this issue is becoming even more prevalent. Many women are now turning to human hair to maintain their beauty. BeautyForever is a professional virgin hair supplier with 14 years of brand history. With a growing ethos of environmental sustainability, we are dedicated to helping women realize the freedom of human wigs.

Beauty Forever is a trusted company that offers premium quality human hair weave, Brazilian hair, virgin hair, human hair bundles, human hair extensions and human hair accessories. Our aim is to offer a superior quality of human hair to you, so you can look your best. Our human hair is of the highest quality, and is created with the latest technology and equipment, to ensure that we offer the best products to our customers. Our human hair is 100% virgin, so it will not tangle or shed and will last for many years to come.

We are a professional virgin hair supplier and our customer service is one of the best in the industry. BeautyForever online is a certified business to offer a wide range of colors that fit your beauty needs.



Beautyforever was born in 1999 in the Xuchang, Henan, China with 23 years experience. Our company name is Xuchang Beautyforever Hair Products Co., Ltd, and the Parent Company is Xuchang Longqi E-commerce Co,. Ltd. We developed from small local textile processing enterprises and gradually into global human hair enterprises. We specialized in professional set design, production, sales, service over the world. We built our website in 2016 and became a professional virgin hair supplier and best seller. 



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