Meeting is a necessary tool for professional communication in today's world. Meetings are an important way for companies to do business and for people to connect. They often require coordination and teamwork for success. But meetings also involve lots of preparation, policies and rules, and a lot of time committed to the meeting. Meetings are not only time-consuming but also highly inefficient. That's why the Sembly app allows you to engage in meetings in a more productive, and efficient manner. Sembly is a SaaS platform that helps to make meetings more effective for you and your team! Sembly transcribes, takes meeting notes, and generates insights for your professional meetings. Sembly helps you prepare for meetings.

How to get started?
Sync Sembly with your Outlook or Google calendar. Sembly will automatically join all your calls with no downloads or installs.

What if I don't want to sync my calendars?
No problem! You can invite Sembly to a future or an ongoing meeting or you can record an in-person meeting using your mobile phone.

What platforms Sembly can join? Can I record in-person meetings?
Sembly works with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. It also supports any conference platform with a dial-in.

Can I upload my past recorded audio files?
Yes! Use the upload feature to upload a previously recorded audio file and Sembly will do the rest.

Meeting organizers are continuously finding new ways to make meetings more effective by using technology. With the rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, it is becoming easier to imagine a future where meetings are no longer held in person. However, meetings are not the same as a conference call. In order to truly transform meetings into something more effective, we need to bring it into the digital sphere. They are a SaaS platform that uses data science and artificial intelligence to help meetings become more effective.

Online meetings are quickly becoming the norm for many companies and individuals. There is a lot of potential for this new way of conducting business. 



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