The MERCADER story is a story of passion, creativity and innovation. It is a story of love for design and a love for nature. We are committed to carry forward the values of the time –  quality and design, handcrafting, and innovation. We believe in the future of fashion, and we want to make a difference. Mercader is a new brand that is in the process of transforming the traditional high quality and design with a futuristic collection driven by the individual vision of the designer, striving to be the best in the industry. provides customers with the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry, handbags, and accessories. They provide customers with high quality. They use different materials to ensure the products they make are eco-friendly.

Mercader designs are made with passion and care. The boutique concept of Mercader is to give customers the opportunity to live their dream and make a meaningful difference in the fashion industry. Mercader is not just a fashion boutique, but a place where customers can buy unique and beautiful pieces of clothing at affordable prices that are handcrafted by the Mercader team. Every item is made with high quality materials and is designed with the customer's lifestyle in mind. Mercader is the first clothing company that is driven by the designer's individual vision rather than the trend and season of fashion.



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