Do you know that the average person spends only 2% of their study time preparing for an exam? And yet, 70% of students who study for a test end up scoring lower than they did before they started preparing. That's a whopping 30% of the time they spend studying that they could have been saving by actually preparing properly.

Quizplus is a platform that allows people to prepare for any academic quiz or exam. With the unique design of Quizplus' online curriculum, it incorporates questions and answers from the top online educational databases in the world. Quizplus is a platform that allows students to study by subject and by importance level, so they'll never be without the tools they need when it comes to preparing for an exam. If you're a student who has been struggling to prepare for a quiz or exam, Quizplus may be the solution you need.

We offer the largest database of questions and answers on any academic topic, a variety of study tools, and an active community of students. QuizPlus is an online quiz maker and online study tool that allows students to prepare for exams, quizzes, and online tests. Our platform offers more than 10 million questions and answers on more than 30 academic fields of study.

Our Story

Through a network of connections with international college professors, our co-founders identified a global gap within higher education. Performance rates were at an all-time low and there was persistent difficulty relaying information effectively. While conducting interviews with college students abroad, they learned which study tools are most useful for the material that appeared on exams. When the Quizplus website was formed in early 2020 there was an apparent intersection of markets with the U.S. Eventually, ten core fields of study grew to include over thirty specialties, and Quizplus is now available worldwide!



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