1. What is your background and how did you came up with this idea?
When I was showering, I was thinking about Myself that I invest in coin and price went down madly and lost value of coin very fast. So I was wondering about what if we get one button in system where I can press and directly get back stable coin, So that why we Start “Killswitch” and now we have withdraw button where feature withdraw directly to stable coins manual.

2. Who are your clients and what do they do?
Lazy Yield Farmer who doesn’t want to have complicate time to check their trading portfolio. We will handle it for you. “ Farming with Killswitch and Live your life happy”

3. What can clients do on your platform?
Farming and get their LP position Growth! Also still can keep principle amount safe when Market down.

4. What problem or desire your product solves?

Solve problem about lost principle amount when trading, collecting profit between your trading growing up.

5. Why do you think customers are using your product?
We surely about our product quality and services for customers comparing with First Platforms that type.

6. What are your product best features?
Mixture, mixture move, withdraw mixture, stop loss/take profit

7. What is the price for the service?

3% performance fee
0.2% withdraw fee if hold ksw 10,000 ksw reduce withdraw fee to 0.05%

8. What difficulties do you face selling your product?

Trust, users might not trust us yet, we unknown.

9. Where do you see your company within 3-5 year time?

Number 1 yield optimizer in the market interm of TVL (Total Value Log).