Famous singer from Morocco Fatima Ezzahra comes up with her third solo album consisting of piano and her voice in a smooth jazzy songs filled with a knowledge of ancient wisdom - Thirukkural parts - gathered together in a chill-out philosophical album "Desire But Duty" is what everyone needs to hear.

For a long time, the "classy" female world of music was kept by artists like Lisa Stansfield, Laura Pausini,  Erykah Badu but is it a time that this trio is shaken by Fatima's Ezzahras new album "Desire But Duty?". For some time, she was heard in some songs as a vocalist in reggae band zHustlers, but on August 8, 2020, she surprised the world with her debut album "The Moon And The Stars" continuing with amazing female reggae album "My Happiness". They all are available on all leading digital music streaming platforms. It's definitely a must hear!

Despite the fact that more than a year has passed since the musician's last release, her music is also actively streamed. Soon there will be a half year without new songs, but she is still in circulation. For example, she has more than 33 thousand active listeners every month on the Spotify platform. Pretty impressive. She also shows respect statistics on other platforms like Deezer, iTunes and Tidal!

A lot of information about this musician is not available. The musician is relatively young and sh is constantly surprising us with debuts in a new styles. For now, she sleeps on old laurels, so why not do it if old laurels are still giving new benefits? Anyway - Fatima Ezzahra is really talented and hopefully she will continue surprising us with new music soon! You can still appreciate the rest of her work, because she still has a lot of songs - this is a 3rd album in her discography and 9th project in total.

We offer to listen and enjoy the composition from the Fatima's new album entitled "Desire But Duty". There are 15 tracks on the album, so you can safely rate them as well and share ;). We also invite you to support the musician and follow him on social networks. This will give him an incentive to create new music and you will be able to follow the musician's news more easily and quickly. Below the article is a reference - click on it and you will be taken to the musician's Instagram profile. Support us - follow us!