On November 20 a new song was released by Jamaican musician Valerie Nuque. Valerie Nuque released her first single this year - this time the song "The Money machine ". The new single is available on all leading digital music streaming platforms and is included in Best Milky and Juicy Female Reggae album. 

Valerie Nuque comes from Jamaica's second most populous city – Spanish Town. Valerie Nuque not only sings, but also creates beats and instruments. She started doing this when he was little - about 14 years old. Her main goal was to become a producer.

In 2019, she started singing with a group of friends to her own beats for fun. She liked it very much and she started writing her own songs, recording them, processing them by herself, both in terms of mixing and mastering. From the very first day, she does everything around her music and so far it hasn't changed! 

There are other young and talented female reggae artists included in the Best Milky and Juicy Female Reggae album like Fatima Ezzahra, Savirapp, Gianna Juliet, Moonshine, Elouise, Yahesa Guav, Stayre, Queen Nyas, Afrodija, Queen Izyunda, Flavia, Selli and $istah Hi~ProsE. 

Very soon, new songs from these girls and Valerie Nuque are definitely waiting for us soon. They are active and often releases new songs. If they are able to play they cards correctly and collaborate with the right musicians - they will definitely be greeted by big stages, top music charts and a bright future in this field. 

We offer to listen to the Valerie Nuque song “The Moneymachine”, as well as invite you to follow the musician social network profiles. This will allow you to support the musicians, as well as learn about their upcoming songs and progress more conveniently and easily. A link has been added to the reference site that will take you to the musician's social media profile.