Long waited continuation of z Hustlers 108 Infinite Mindsets smooth reggae chill out music is released and you can take a short glimpse into it by reading the lyrics of it down below this post as well as listening to it on

This album is mostly based on ancient and time proven practical knowledge withheld over 5 millennia - Ancient Chinese Wisdom - Chinese Sayings and Proverbs. This album contains 15 collections of the essence of the chinese proverbs, 2 songs from Vedas and one is just a dub a bout Liberate the Rastaman so in total there are full 18 tracks to listen to!

Chinese wisdom has proven to be able provide a great knowledge even today and to many even ethical corect people few verses might be something new! Take a listen yourself. Share & Like! ;)

Z Hustlers album name "Break The Wall" released on 2020 meaning is breaking the wall of ignorance. Vedas says that we should beware of six enemies of mind: Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride, Attachment, Jealousy. So goes the song and so this album is about. So we all know which walls of Enemies we should break. These bind the soul to the process of birth and death and keep it confined in this material world. 

Unfortunately these are the fundamental tenets of Kali Yuga or age of degredation we are living in now. The more each individual fights them, the longer will be the life of Dharma in this yuga.


  1. Lust or desire (Sanskrit: काम) – Kama
  2. Anger (Sanskrit: क्रोध) – Krodha
  3. Greed (Sanskrit: लोभ) – Lobha
  4. Pride (Sanskrit: मद) – Mada – pride, hubris, (being possessed by)
  5. Fascination or attachment (Sanskrit: मोह) – Moha – delusory emotional attachment or temptation
  6. Jealousy (Sanskrit: मात्सर्य) – Matsarya – envy, jealousy
These bind the soul to the process of birth and death and keep it confined in this material world (confines of Maya or relative existence). Especially the first three are said to pave the way towards hell.