From Colombo I took a night train deeper inside the Sri Lanka towards place where the Buddhism was first introduced to the King of Lanka a lot of centuries ago - Anuradhapura.

When I opened my eyes - it was 3:30 and I just missed my train station and train was just about to take his speed. I quickly grabbed my bag and jumped out of it as the doors was opened. I had downloaded a map where I need to go. It is called a sacred city.

As a lot of temples and other stuff is packed here since a long time ago.

Here is a big statue of Buddha, temple built on a place where local King awhile ago was taking a bath and his scepter disappeared. So as he could not found it - he had to built a huge stone monument around it so that others don't find it, too...

I went to guest house called Boa Vista in about 7 am and found out that a room price is more higher than I was expecting. The cheapest room I could get around 15 Euros - but for me it is to expensive. So I switched on the "Plan B" by offering a website and shortly - I had a huge room with a lake view, dinner, coke, coffee, tea and everything I wanted including internet - because I got them as my clients!:)

We continued this morning by discussing what needs to be done in a website and around 10 AM I went sleep till late afternoon when I after asmall chat with a owner Shanida started to make a website.

As I'm staying and eating here for free till at least Tuesday - it's about 4 nights - for the website I'll get only 100 USD, which is OK as I like this place, owners and atmosphere.

So today and tomorrow will continue my work on a website and afterwards will see what is what and what this prehistorical island can show me!:)